A Personal Thank You from Drought Survivors

El Niño has ushered in Lesotho’s worst drought in four decades. The fields have dried up and the food prices have skyrocketed. The people in the tiny mountain kingdom are now unable to grow or purchase food.

But Global Hunger Relief funds enable personnel in and around Lesotho to purchase oil, maize meal, and other food to give to hungry families. Now through May 2017, approximately 4,500 people are receiving aid, including Malebenya, Seaboda, Ntoane, and Ntoa, and they’d like to thank you.

“I don’t have fields for growing crops . . . I am really thankful for this donation of food because it arrived while we were in profound difficulty.”

“I had to borrow some things in order for my children to eat. I had to pay back the food I borrowed. But since this donation of food started … I started living a better life.”

“My work is to build houses in order to receive money. It was very difficult for me to do this work because I had no strength because of hunger. I am so thankful for getting this food because I will eat, thus providing strength to do my work.”

“I have seven children and had to work or search for work every day in order to find money and provide my family with food. Since my sister attends this church and receives this food, our life is better, and I even want to come to this church.”

The church can seize another opportunity to be a part of global hunger eradication with Global Hunger Relief’s Global Hunger Sunday on October 9. For this annual event, churches rally together with prayer and donations to address hunger in Africa and beyond—from Syrian refugees to the kids in the United States.

Visit Global Hunger Relief to download resources so you and your church small group can get involved in Global Hunger Sunday.