How to Get Involved with the Deaf

Did you know the International Mission Board sends Deaf and hearing missionaries to serve among the millions of Deaf around the world?

The World Deaf Federation estimates that seventy million people are Deaf. Out of that population, 107 unengaged, unreached Deaf people groups have no access to the gospel and no knowledge of God’s grace.

There are more than 200 sign languages, but sadly, only 1–2 percent of Deaf receive education in sign language. This makes the challenge and need even greater.

Even for the Deaf who do learn a sign language, it’s unlikely they’ll ever learn a Bible story.

In an effort to show Deaf the good news, IMB workers are now involved in crafting Bible stories in sign language through the StoryOne project. These projects are helping people communicate Bible stories in several sign languages for the first time.

Want to get involved? You’re in the right place. Below you’ll find stories about ministry among the Deaf and ways to pray. Check back regularly to see opportunities to serve overseas and financially support ministry endeavors.