How Theology Drives Missions with Zane Pratt

Theology frequently gets a bad rap, even in Christian circles. Far too often, it’s viewed as overly abstract or somehow irrelevant to Christian obedience when in fact the opposite is true. During Together for the Gospel, Zane Pratt took some time to explain how and why theology is absolutely essential to discipleship, evangelism, missions, and the entire Christian life.

“Doing theology” simply means looking deeply into the Word of God and considering what it has to say about the most fundamental questions of our faith. When we ponder the dependability of Scripture, the character of the Creator, the identity of Jesus Christ and what he accomplished on the cross, we are doing theology. And the more our minds understand the truths of Scripture, the more our hearts long to obey the commands of Scripture.

The more we understand God’s glory, the more willing we are to sacrifice for him in the cause of his Great Commission. The more we understand our own sin, the more grateful we are for his grace. The more we understand hell, the more determined we are to snatch unbelievers from damnation by delivering the good news. And the more we comprehend the gospel, the more we long to share it and the more competent we are to do so.

Theology and missions are inseparable. Theology is what shapes and fuels missions. Our love of the truth of God is what drives us to fruitful missions engagement.

Jaclyn S. Parrish worked as a writer for IMB in South Asia. She currently serves in the US as a writer, editor, and social media associate for IMB. You can follow her on Twitter at @JaclynSParrish.