Deaf in South Asia learn about the One True God

IMB missionary Bethany Forrester* meets regularly with a group of four Deaf friends from South Asia. These friends are Hindus and are very interested in knowing more about the One True God.

Forrester teaches the group Bible stories in sign language. They are eager to remember the stories and to learn more.

Each night, Forrester and the group discuss a different story, and she has presented the gospel multiple times. They’ve talked about baptism and discussed the story in Acts 2 where 3,000 people were baptized after they heard Peter’s address.

Deaf, South Asia

Forrester’s friends admit that they know Jesus is good and that He heals, knows sign language, and helps His followers through the Holy Spirit. They all want to go to heaven, and they believe there is only One True God — a huge step for Hindus, who believe in many gods.

But they are not ready to follow Jesus. Following means possibly being cut off from their families, cast out of the greater Deaf community, and denied opportunities like work and marriage.

Most of the group admit they are not sure what it means to be a follower of Christ within their culture. They are asking culturally relevant questions such as: What festivals can they participate in? What can they do at funerals? What is the line between culture and Hinduism?

Pray that as Bible stories are shared, these Deaf South Asians not only will desire to learn, but also will desire to follow the Lord.

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