IMB Teleworking Plan

IMB leadership is thankful for all U.S.-based staff do to support our more than 6,500 adults and children sharing Christ among the nations! These staff members are vital to Southern Baptists’ stewardship of the Revelation 7:9 vision.

To provide ongoing, uninterrupted support to our workers overseas and to best care for our Richmond-based staff during this unprecedented time, we are taking extraordinary steps. Richmond staff are critical to our work, and we want them to be safe and remain healthy. Also, as a leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, the IMB aims to set an example by leading in unison to “Love thy neighbor,” to submit to authorities, and to find opportunities to minister to those in need.

In light of these considerations, as of close of business on Tuesday, March 17, all Richmond-based employees have been directed to work from home through at least April 3. The IMB is not closed but has moved to telework for a limited time. Leadership will continue to monitor the situation and will inform Richmond-based staff at least one week before returning to normal operations. Salary and benefits will not be impacted.

“Thank you for your faith, flexibility, and positive attitude!” said IMB President Paul Chitwood. “We are praying for you in this time of uncertainty. We are deeply grateful for the critical work you do every day to help ensure our field personnel can continue to share the gospel with those who have never heard and to mobilize Southern Baptists to that end. You are vital to the missionary task.”

As usual, IMB’s partners can contact the home office for any needs at