Prayers needed for refugee believers

Katherine*, a refugee from North Africa, had been praying to God for weeks to reveal Himself to her. Along with her husband, Adam*, she visited European cathedrals along the journey, searching for God, but no one could answer their questions in Arabic. Eventually, they settled in a port city.

Molly*, a cross-cultural worker in that same city, invited a group of women from a Southern Baptist church to prayer walk in neighborhoods with many Northern African people. It poured rain the day they prayed in Katherine’s community, but the women were faithful to walk up and down each street, praying for God to reach the people of that neighborhood with the good news of Jesus.

A few weeks later, Katherine and Adam walked along the boardwalk when they overheard people talking about Jesus in Arabic! Happy that someone could finally answer her questions in a language she spoke, Katherine sent Adam to invite them over. They were evangelists from a different Arabic speaking country who had come to share the gospel. God opened the hearts of Katherine and Adam to believe and become followers of Jesus. The evangelists introduced Molly to them so she could begin to disciple them.

After a few months, they had a significant dispute with another refugee family and disappeared to continue along the refugee highway. This is a common occurrence among refugees as trauma they’ve experienced can create instability. Pray for Katherine, Adam, and all new refugee believers, that God will continue to bring believers alongside them to walk with them in healing and growth as followers of Jesus to comfort others with the same comfort they’ve been given.