Send Relief responds to Haiti crisis through local partners

A devastating 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti on the morning of Aug. 14. The earthquake has destroyed tens of thousands of homes in Haiti, and hundreds of thousands of families were impacted by the disaster. The death toll has exceeded 1,900 people, and this number continues to climb as rescue efforts continue. The greatest needs for survivors include water, temporary housing, medical supplies and food.

Send Relief is working with the Florida Baptist Convention and local Haitian churches on the ground to meet critical needs in the wake of the earthquake. Send Relief, in partnership with the Florida Baptist Convention, is financially supporting local Haitian churches as they provide food, medical supplies and temporary shelter to families impacted by the earthquake.

We encourage our supporters to pray and give to support our response efforts in Haiti. Find relief updates at

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the people of Haiti as they recover from the earthquake.
  • Pray that the survivors’ medical, water, sanitation and hunger needs are met in the immediate aftermath.
  • Pray for Send Relief, Florida Baptist Convention and our church partners on the ground as we meet both immediate and long-term needs in Haiti.