God continues miraculous healing of missionary George Smith

In June, IMB President Paul Chitwood and his wife, Michelle, visited George Smith and his wife, Geraldine, in the hospital. George Smith contracted COVID while on the mission field in Uganda. His health is improving greatly.

Southern Baptists heard the story of George and Geraldine Smith this summer when IMB shared about George’s life-threatening ordeal with COVID-19. Many missionary co-workers, IMB staff and family and friends in the U.S. knew the story before it was shared publicly and had been part of God’s miraculous answer to prayer. IMB is pleased to offer this update about George’s continued progress and healing.

George and Geraldine are now in Pascagoula, Mississippi, where George continues to recover, and is showing daily progress. After many weeks in the hospital and then a rehabilitation facility, George is now home. He goes to physical therapy three times a week and continues strength and balance-building exercises each day at home with Geraldine’s assistance. He no longer needs a wheelchair or walker, using only a cane for support when walking short distances.

George and Geraldine Smith

“He’s very determined!” says Geraldine, who adds that he won’t let them forget to do his therapy each day. “He really wants to be back where he was before he first got sick.”

Geraldine shares that one of the biggest praises is that George’s kidneys are functioning on their own. In fact, he’s been off dialysis for two months, which is another clear answer to prayer. His greatest concern now is the muscle neuropathy that resulted from the months he was bedridden. Geraldine says they fight discouragement, though, by remembering how God has continually been with them.

“God has done some amazing work. He healed those kidneys. We believe that He will do the same with this neuropathy,” she adds.

Another praise is that they are back to church, able to make the short walk from their home to the church building to worship in person. When Geraldine was providing this update, George was at the church meeting with leaders about new outreach opportunities in the community.

“He is still doing the Lord’s work, that’s for sure!” Geraldine says. She shares that he frequently tells medical staff and physical therapists about Jesus and gives Him all the glory for the healing. When someone mentions how lucky George is, he quickly replies, “This has nothing to do with luck. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in Jesus and what He does.”

When Geraldine considers how close George was to death, she says they can only call it a miracle.

“God did this. We see that God intended more time. We’re so grateful for those who have prayed and who continue to pray.”


Below is a video about George and Geraldine Smith that was shared in June 2021.