UPG engaged through Ek Rasta SD cards

Editor’s note: The Ek Rasta SD cards were compiled by International Mission Board teams in a remote area of South Asia. The name Ek Rasta is translated in English as “The Way” and is based on Acts 24:14. They provide what IMB missionary Veronica Masterson described as a “robust gospel presentation.” Read the full story on the Ek Rasta SD cards’ impact.

You can learn more, use this resource as a tool to reach South Asians in the United States and access all Ek Rasta resources, including the Ek Rasta apps for Apple or Android at https://southasiansands.wixsite.com/ekrasta.

IMB missionaries have been trying to reach a people group in a remote area of South Asia that is considered engaged, but they are still very unreached.

These traditional camel herders have spread throughout western India. Despite their dispersion, they remain true to their roots, still working as animal herders, living a nomadic life. Their women are skilled in embroidery.

They also remain true to the religion of their ancestors, with 99.98% following Hinduism. IMB missionary Veronica Masterson says at this point, she knows of no active church among the people group.

Because of their nomadic life, they don’t prioritize education, either. Around 80% of the people are illiterate.

This is one of the reasons the Ek Rasta SD cards have been so key in reaching these unreached people with the gospel, in a language they can hear and understand.

One family in particular was reached through these micro-SD cards, when a local believing couple, Brother Pa and Sister Se, shared the “according to the Scriptures” gospel story with them. Brother Pa and Sister Se are national partners who work closely with the Mastersons.

This gospel presentation is 35 lessons that walk a listener through the Bible from creation to the new creation mentioned in Revelation. This gives the listeners, especially those from a Hindu background, a better understanding of the entire gospel. Because it is available as an audio presentation, it’s a great tool to reach oral learners, Masterson shared.

After hearing the gospel, this entire family believed, surrendered their lives to Christ, were baptized and now they are sharing the gospel and making disciples among their people group.

Pray that the Ek Rasta SD card strategy will be effective and fruitful among this majority-illiterate people group. Pray that the gospel, discipleship and leadership development materials that are presented on the micro-cards will resonate in their hearts. Pray that many men, women and young people from this UPG will have the opportunity to hear and be granted the faith to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord.


Some names may have been changed for security reasons.