Virtual Event: Pray for Baloch

June 11, 2024   -   June 11, 2024

Tucked away in a barren corner of Central Asia, in land stretching thousands of square miles of wasteland and poverty, lives a people you have probably never heard of: the Baloch.

They are a fierce, poetic, warrior-like people, but they are enslaved to their sins and totally without the gospel. There are currently no known churches among them and only a few hundred believers scattered around the world from among their 14 million strong population. But God has done more among them over the last 10 years to expose them to the gospel than in the previous 1,000 years combined!

Exciting things are happening, and they desperately need prayers offered on their behalf! You are invited to a virtual prayer event for the Baloch people. Learn about their history, culture, current environment, and spiritual needs. Join others to intercede in prayer on behalf of those God has called—and will call—to himself in saving faith.

Pray for Baloch
Tuesday, June 11
9-10 p.m. EST