Mission Trip Preparation

Short-term mission trips can be a very effective way for churches and individuals to join in missions work around the world. The work of planning, administrating, and leading those trips, however, can be equally difficult and overwhelming. In order to assist leaders in the planning process, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tools and information for planning and leading short-term trips. Check out the links below for assistance as you begin to plan an upcoming trip.


IMB policy requires all volunteers involved in an IMB trip to purchase emergency medical insurance for their protection. Although it is up to the individual, church or ministry to determine which insurance provider they use*, many IMB volunteer teams have purchased coverage in the past through Gallagher and MTA.

Any insurance must cover medical, accidental death, medical evacuation, and disability at a minimum. Please be aware that not every provider or plan provides the same coverages. The volunteer, church or ministry is responsible for comparing the options and selecting the insurance that best fits their needs.

*Exception: Some IMB packaged trips include pre-determined emergency medical insurance and this will be clearly indicated.

Volunteers are responsible for their own travel arrangements. You can use any travel agency you find helpful. For a list of travel agents experienced in working with IMB volunteers, call 804-353-0151 or email us at info@imb.org. It’s often helpful to check with more than one agent to compare prices and services. Make sure to inquire about visa requirements for entry into your country of service. Some countries require visas while others only require a valid passport. For passport, visa, and other travel information, visit the US Department of State.

Please check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for immunizations recommended for your country of service.

You also can contact your local health department for more information on inoculations. Remember to always consult with your personal physician before you take any inoculation.

Plan ahead and take every precaution necessary to improve the safety of your group. Both seasoned and novice travelers will be made more aware of potential safety concerns and can develop strategies to reduce risk to their group with the Safe Travel Training.


Process for Short-term Mission Trip Participants

Children are a precious resource entrusted to us, and their care and protection are top priorities. In a world where sexual and physical abuse of children is a sad reality, IMB and the churches and other ministries that we partner with must take steps to ensure that children are safe and secure from sexual and physical abuse. In order to have the highest integrity and to offer protection company personnel and their children, nationals and their children as well as our churches and volunteers, all IMB volunteers must meet IMB compliance requirements within our Go Method software.

Volunteer compliance requirements are as follows;

  • Application
  • Background check for all volunteers over 18 years of age
  • 3 references
  • Policy Review and signature for compliance
  • Volunteer Release and Assumption of Risk signature for acceptance
  • IMB’s Child Safety Training
  • Signed Commitment to Confidentiality

All volunteers applications, background checks and three references must be cleared by the Prevention and Response Review (PARR) Team prior to moving forward in the volunteer application process. Once cleared by the PARR Team, the volunteer must complete the remaining requirements to participate as a volunteer.

Volunteers that do not complete the above process in its entirety will not be eligible to volunteer.

For more information regarding volunteering with the IMB, please contact info@imb.org.

If you are already connected with personnel for a volunteer trip please contact them for information to get you started.