Brandi & Amanda
Sometimes, missionaries get to be the first ones to speak the name of Jesus to a community. Other times, they must fight through miles of falsehood and misconception surrounding the news of Christ. That’s the challenge facing Brandi, Amanda, and the rest of their team in São Paulo, Brazil.

“They already have this idea, this false idea, of who he is,” Amanda explains, “and there’s nothing about Jesus that is life-giving to them.”

But God is still actively at work. Beneath the vibrant and joyful culture of Brazil, many Brazilians are hurting deeply and are unsure where to turn for help or support. Throughout the simple, daily rhythms of their lives, Brandi and Amanda are constantly inviting those around them into the love of God, and lives are being changed right before their eyes.

What’s more, their team is constantly working alongside Brazilian believers, training them to make disciples across their own nation.

“It’s amazing to see how most of the fruit has been through national believers,” says Brandi, “that is the future of this ministry: equipping national believers with a vision. I love seeing national believers go to work for the kingdom.”

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