On Mission Poem

We find ourselves before the one true God

Hands open

Hearts laid bare and broken

We want to serve Him

We want His name to be the very foundation upon which we build our lives

To be the eyes through which we see the world

Our community


We want to walk the roads of Jesus with that same dust on our feet

We want to build bridges instead of burn them

We want to love with the kind of love that flips over tables in temples

And dares the religious to cast stones in judgment

And is willing to share a table with sinners and betrayers

This calling is bigger than a career

Extends beyond a job or formal position

This mission is eternal

Bigger than anything we could come up with ourselves

We are picking up the mission Jesus left for us

We are doing what He told us

“Love God

Love your neighbor

Love yourself

Take up your cross

Deny yourself

Follow Me

Make disciples

Teach them the way

Walk in the Spirit

Speak the truth but make sure you live it too”

Jesus is still calling His disciples

To put down our nets

To serve and love our neighbors

Next door and across the world

Jesus is calling all of us

Whether we need to walk across the street

Reach across the table

Move across the country

Make our home across the world

Live in community

Learn a new language

Practice talking less and listening more

Pray and discern what God has in store

This plow we put our hands to

This work we commit our lives to is not easy

There is plenty of harvest but very few hands

But we will not grow weary in well doing

We ask the God who plants and waters and harvests and reaps

To send the brave and the wise

To send the women and the men and the children

To send the leaders and the influencers

To send the elders and the young

To send artists, engineers, teachers, farmers, preachers,

Mechanics, musicians, athletes, architects

To send those who will befriend and walk alongside

To send those who will again and again offer their lives

We will not be a generation who is lulled to sleep

By apathy and selfishness and complacency

We are the people who will be moved to action

To walk humbly and love mercy and do justice

We want God to send us

To Seattle coffee shops and Shanghai start-ups

London streets and St. Louis neighborhoods

To skyscrapers and street corners in Detroit and Dubai

No matter where go

When God sends us on mission

We will answer with our whole lives

Amena Brown is a spoken word artist from Atlanta, Georgia.