Monday, October 3 2022
American Peoples
Urban Indigenous Peoples of Manaus, Brazil

(muh-NOWS) - The two journeyman on our team will be going to a retreat in Costa Rica. Please pray that these young women will have safe travels and will get the rest and spiritual renewal that they need. Pray also them to strengthen relationships with other young people at the retreat who do similar work. May they be an encouragement to one another.

Monday, October 3 2022
Sub-Saharan African Peoples
Theological Education in Tanzania

New students have arrived on the campus of Tanzania Baptist Theological Seminary to begin their first six-week term, which will run through November 12. New Certificate and Diploma classes are being held. The Certificate-level studies are being taught in Swahili. Pray for these students and faculty as they work and grow together. The Diploma-level studies are being taught in English. Ask God to give these Diploma students extra patience as they try to understand and learn in a language that is not their heart language. Pray for all the new students as they adjust to living on campus for six weeks and commit themselves to learning. Ask God to give them a hunger and thirst for His Word. Pray for their families, as they must carry a heavier load at home while the students are away. Intercede for the faculty as they teach their prepared lesson plans during the six-week term. Ask God to give good health to all the students, faculty members, and families during these weeks of concentrated study. "And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2 ESV).

Monday, October 3 2022
Asian Pacific Rim Peoples
Students & Young Professionals, Seoul, South Korea

During the past two years, the missionaries in Seoul have worked together with local believers and international students to put on a fall festival activity, which they have dubbed "Candy Day," for children in their neighborhood. Much like fall festival activities at churches in the United States, the neighborhood children come dressed in costumes, play games, and receive candy to their heart's content. It has been a great way for the missionaries to make new connections, get involved in the community, and share the gospel. This year will be the first year that the missionaries can host this event without COVID-19 restrictions, so there is the potential for more people to attend. Please pray that sufficient volunteers will be found for hosting this year's Candy Day event, that the right families will attend, that new friends will be made, and that the gospel that will be shared will sink deeply into the hearts of those who hear it.
Monday, October 3 2022
South Asian Peoples
Muslims of Northeast Pakistan

There is a potential medical outreach project being planned by believers. Pray that there will be sufficient resources to do it. Pray for those who will receive treatment, asking that they will also receive the good news. Pray that this will create an open door for the gospel in the Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Monday, October 3 2022
Central Asian Peoples
Kurmanji Kurds of Central Asia

(ker-MAHN-gee) - A group of refugees has recently been offered a free class where they can learn English. Located in a place familiar to this minority group, the class will help individuals learn English to improve their job options and further their education. Pray that the individuals who need to learn will attend the class regularly and put the work in to get the best outcome from the instruction. Pray that the teachers will be able to sense which students are open to gospel truth and discipleship.