Thursday, February 2 2023
Central Asian Peoples
Central Asian Peoples

"Winter can sometimes be a hard time for those of us serving in Central Asia. The days are dark and dreary, and it's often cold and snowy. Getting out can be difficult, and we often just want to stay home and stay warm. Pray for us to lean into Jesus and allow His love to overflow through us so much that we want to get out and be with people and share truth even when it's hard to get going. Pray for us to be willing--even eager--to do the hard things that result in His name going forth more broadly!"
Tuesday, January 31 2023
Central Asian Peoples
Tajiks of Tajikistan

(TAH-jeeks) - Pray for Tajiks who have received and are reading portions of the Word in their language. As they compare the Word with the book of their religion, ask the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and enable them to discern truth from lies so they may understand and believe that Jesus alone is the way, the truth, and the life.
Monday, January 30 2023
Central Asian Peoples
Kurmanji Kurds of Central Asia

(ker-MAHN-gee) - English classes offered in a church building provide an opportunity to meet refugees who might not otherwise meet with Christians or attend a Bible study or worship service. Pray for a group of refugee women who are consistently attending the English classes and are getting to know a Christian teacher. Pray that the Light of Christ will shine through the teacher's interactions with the women and that she will be able to grow the friendships outside of class for the glory of God.
Saturday, January 28 2023
Central Asian Peoples
Kazakhs of Kazakhstan

(KAH-zahks) - Pray that the Kazakh church leaders will be an example for other believers in speech, love, life, faith, and purity. Pray that they will follow the example of servanthood that Jesus modeled by "washing the feet of the saints" in practical ways (John 13:1-17). May they not be domineering, but rather seek to lead through humility, gentleness, wisdom, grace, mercy, and love. Pray that the church leaders and their family members will abide in Jesus, walk in the Spirit, seek the kingdom of God above all things, and very gladly spend and be spent for the souls of men and women.
Friday, January 27 2023
Central Asian Peoples
Sorani Kurds of Central Asia

(sor-AH-nee) - Central Asian cultures are very collectivistic and place a high value on the family and the tribe, rather than the individual. There is rarely ever a decision made by an individual without the approval of the family. Family and tribal connections are often necessary for one to obtain a spouse, property, or even employment. Because of this cultural dynamic, there's a deeply rooted lack of trust toward those outside of the familial and tribal boundaries. This has become increasingly evident among new believers who desire to follow Jesus but struggle to open up to or regularly gather with other believers with whom they have no connection outside of the church. Pray that the Spirit will break down this cultural barrier between new believers and fill them with genuine love and trust for their new faith family and a desire to serve, pray, worship, and gather as brothers and sisters in Christ.