Monday, August 15 2022
Central Asian Peoples
Aegean Turks of Turkey

(uh-JEE-an) - A believer who is mature in the faith and her family have developed relationships with the pastor and the congregation at a nearby church. Recently, after the service, the pastor called this family in to pray for a woman who had been attending and had been reading the Bible. She asked for prayer during the service because she was about to take an extensive exam for a new job, so the family thought that was the reason they were invited into the chapel to pray with her. She told them that after reading the Bible and attending church services, she had decided to follow Jesus. After each question that the pastor asked her, she responded with a confident, "Yes!" Her voice was strong and sure. The believer was so thankful to be able to witness this moment. Pray that many more Aegean Turks will respond with a resounding, confident, "Yes!"
Friday, August 12 2022
Central Asian Peoples
Azeris of Iran

(ah-ZEYR-ees) - Pray for Azeri believers who do not live near other believers. Ask God to bring other believers to them so that they may be encouraged by worshiping God together. May they seek God wholeheartedly and study God's Word faithfully. Ask God to help them to understand His Word and obey it. Pray that they will have the boldness to share their faith with their family and neighbors and that God will use them to draw people to Himself.
Thursday, August 11 2022
Central Asian Peoples
Sorani Kurds of Central Asia

(sor-AH-nee) - It can be challenging for Sorani Kurdish believers to come before their family and friends and boldly say that they have chosen to follow Jesus. Likewise, there can be a lot of hesitancy in regard to gathering with other believers for fear of being found out. Please pray that God will grant them wisdom and discernment in knowing when to speak up and how. Please also pray that they will grow in boldness and confidence. May they fear God above all else.
Wednesday, August 10 2022
Central Asian Peoples
Crimean Tatars of Central Asia

(cry-MEE-un tuh-TARS) - Emma and Vlad are refugees fleeing the ongoing war in their country. After five months of temporary stays in three other countries, they hope that the fourth will provide them a long-term place to live and work. At this point, they know no one in this new place and have struggled to find a place to live. They are eagerly anticipating the birth of their first baby in October, but the reality for them is that their child will be born in a strange country an ocean away from both of their families and their network of friends. Both of them have heard the gospel repeatedly and are open to spiritual conversations, but more out of intellectual curiosity than earnestly seeking the truth about Jesus. Please pray for this young couple as they get settled and prepare for the birth of their child. Pray that God will bring believers to them who will come alongside them to help and actively communicate the gospel to them. Ask God to use this challenging time in their lives to bring them to salvation.
Tuesday, August 9 2022
Central Asian Peoples
Kazakhs of Kazakhstan

(KAH-zahks) - Pray for the more than 575,000 university students in Kazakhstan. While most students are Kazakh in ethnicity, the nations of Central Asia are also represented in those who have come to Kazakhstan to study. Ask that believers will shine brightly among their classmates and teachers as they stand against corruption and persecution. Pray that local churches and ministries will reach out to this unique segment of society, and pray that students who come to faith will be discipled. Pray for believing students to be bold in sharing the good news when they return home to their family and friends who have little to no opportunity to hear.