North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

Amani and her family have lived in their new country for roughly eight years now. Her husband works at a restaurant, and her children are doing well in school, with many friends. She has a part-time job and continues to try to learn the local language better. She came to Europe because of a war in the country she grew up in, but her family heritage is originally from a neighboring country. Because the government where she is now does not recognize that country or its governance as legitimate, her family has struggled to be granted the same status as other refugee families who arrived at the same time. Navigating the legal system is expensive, and it’s a very slow-moving process with unpredictable results. Pray that Amani and her family will ultimately be granted the recognition and legal status they need to be able to thrive in Europe. Pray that the whole family will come to faith, placing their hope and security not simply in earthly people or powers, but in the Father above.