Pedi of South Africa

(PEH-dee) – “One website states that the Pedi people are 12.18% reached. Another website states that the Pedi are no longer classified as unreached, but they are less than 5% evangelized. The problem is that there is no recent ‘boots on the ground’ information about the Pedi,” writes the stateside coordinator for work among the Pedi. “More than one-fourth of the Pedi, and maybe more, are ensnared in the Zion Christian Church denomination, which is a false religion. African traditional religion and ancestral worship are intermingled with Pedi beliefs. There are also those who have bought into the prosperity gospel, as well as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormonism. My concern is that even though Christianity is listed online as the predominant religion of the Pedi in South Africa, how much is an impure and adulterated form of the gospel? Pray that the Pedi people will hear the one true gospel of Jesus Christ, understand it, and accept what only Christ has done, rejecting the many false beliefs. Pray for the Pedi villages that are still unreached and unengaged. Ask that Pedi will reach Pedi as these villages are located. Pray for the Pedi preachers and churches that are teaching the truth of the gospel.”