Tokyo, Japan

(TOH-kyoh) – “Greetings from Tokyo. Please be in prayer for the Tokyo Team and the many volunteers we are hosting this Christmas season. Christmas is not a nationally celebrated holiday here in Japan like in America, as most of the working class and students will still have to work and go to school on the 25th. However, many Japanese would still say they get into the “Christmas spirit” as decorations are literally everywhere. In fact, seeing Christmas illuminations is one of the most popular outings during the Christmas season. Pray that, as the Japanese people see the illuminations, they will no longer see this as just a fun outing but that they will come to be curious about the symbolism behind these illuminations. Pray that, as their curiosity grows, the Lord will place the Tokyo Team, our many volunteers, and our national church partners in a position to be able to share the hope that we have with them.”