Wassulu of Mali, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire

(WAH-soo-loo) – Equipping Malian pastors and church leaders through sound biblical teaching is essential for church health and growth among their people groups. Pray as Wassulu workers continue to plan, prepare, and execute such instruction and support for these leaders who can, in turn, invest in the next generation of men! For the greatest impact and mutual support, teaching is often done with pastors from multiple people groups within a geographical area. Many logistics must be worked out, everything from the translation of materials and instruction to ensuring that pastors can travel from their villages to the gathering place. Within the current security concerns in Mali, additional issues must be taken into consideration, as well. Accurate teaching of the Word of God is of primary concern so as to help these pastors and evangelists battle the unbiblical teaching that is prevalent in churches in both developed and developing environments. Pray for discernment from the Lord and total trust in His provision as the Wassulu workers move forward under God’s leadership.