Student Missions

52% of the
world is <29
years old

We serve Southern Baptist Students and Leaders to see God-called student by biblically training God-called students to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ through international missions. We are unashamed about our sacred calling to prepare young men and women to serve the church. We are looking for students who will be the next leaders of the church, completely dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission. From start to finish, IMB strives to transform students by renewing their minds with biblical truth, igniting their hearts with mission passion, and enriching their souls with deepened Christ-likeness.

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We’re so grateful for the chance to share about student missions. If you’re new to student mission, here are our best onboarding and training guides to get you started.

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How do we serve you?

We educate, train, and prepare students for missions.

Field Partnerships

We provide long-term partnership opportunities between student ministry leaders in the US and Field Teams for pipeline development.

Pre-field Training

We provide training and resourcing for students to be effective in the field.


We provide resources for biblical discipleship which prepares students for cross-cultural ministry.

Send Students

We provide hundreds of trip opportunities for high school teams, college students, and young adults to serve all over the world.