God’s grace is enough for Melek in Central Asia

Melek* is a mover and shaker in her small Central Asian town. A single woman in her 30s, she works as a television reporter and journalist. When she walks down the street, people greet her by name. It seems she knows everyone.

Somehow she learned of a local community center that offered Christian literature and information about the gospel. The believers there welcomed her and prayed for the burdens on her heart: things like advancing her career and finding a husband. She began attending a local church fellowship where she regularly heard the gospel taught.

Although Melek understood and liked the gospel, she stumbled over the personal cost of giving her life to Christ. She faithfully attended church every week but hesitated to make a public profession. She said things like, “I still need to think about it,” or “Not today.”

A woman completes a purchase at a shop in Central Asia. Thanks to Southern Baptists’ gifts, people in Central Asian cities are hearing the gospel and churches are growing to reach more who have never heard about Jesus’ love. (IMB Photo)

She understood that repenting and believing in Christ for salvation would interrupt the life plans she had sketched out for herself. “I might never get the job I want. I might never get married if I do this,” she said.

The salvation and experience of a younger girl in town deeply affected Melek. The younger girl faced persecution from her family but stood strong in Christ. Her resilience and longsuffering transmitted courage to Melek. God would see her through any trial that awaited her. His grace would be enough.

After two and a half years, she finally announced, “Today is the day. I’m committed to this.” The church is overjoyed to officially welcome their friend, Melek, as a sister in the Lord.

Pray that God will encourage and sustain Melek as she follows the way of the cross.

Influencing the influencers

Your gifts through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® allow Southern Baptists to live alongside national believers to encourage and train them as God uses them to grow His Church. Because you give, the Lord is reaching influencers such as Melek with the gospel. Thank you for giving.

Most Central Asians have no knowledge of biblical Christianity and are unaware that the gospel is good news. Learn more about Central Asian peoples, including “Fast Facts” about Central Asia. You can pray for Central Asian peoples now — find out how.

*Name changed

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