‘Master’s Gardeners’ program cultivates work in the Lord’s fields

International Mission Board missionaries Gary and Carolyn Miller are tapping into a Hungarian love of nature to build bridges for gospel work through a program called “The Master’s Gardeners.”

The idea of using a horticultural program to share the gospel came to Gary several years ago while he was prayerwalking. He stopped to chat with an elderly woman hoeing her garden. His background in farming led him to identify ways the woman could improve her garden. After she engaged with him in conversation, he realized gardening could open doors for deepened relationships and gospel conversations.

Gary Miller, Carolyn Miller, Hungary

The Master’s Gardeners is a network of trained volunteers who share the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed through loving relationships and science-based gardening practices. The program combines lectures from agriculture professionals with practical guidance on evangelism and how to turn gardening conversations into gospel opportunities.

The Millers want this program to become a nationwide network of Christians in Hungary sharing the gospel and using creation to tell about the Creator. Handing over responsibility to local believers is an important step in this process. One Hungarian gardener from their inaugural class of 2018 has joined Gary and Carolyn as the program coordinator.

Gary says their goal isn’t just to make better gardeners, but rather “to make gardeners who are working in the Lord’s field for the Lord’s harvest.”

Pray that many will join their vision, and that many Hungarian gardeners will come to faith as they hear about Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Harvest.

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