Two surrender to Christ during Belgian street festival

After the music stopped, a volunteer from Memphis, Tennessee, approached the 23-year-old disc jockey and offered him coffee. “God,” read the permanent ink on the young man’s arm, so the volunteer asked him about it.

The DJ said he had been searching for truth for a long time but was dissatisfied with vague answers. As the volunteer clearly explained the gospel, the Holy Spirit drew this man into a saving relationship with Jesus.

Visitors gather on both sides of the water for a view of a stage at the Ghent Festivals in Belgium. The ten-day event is the largest street festival in Europe; it attracts approximately two million visitors. (IMB Photo)

The Ghent Festivities—Gentse Feesten—in Belgium attract approximately 2 million visitors over 10 days of music, dances and outdoor performances. It is the largest street festival in Europe and is held annually in July.

This year two people chose to follow Jesus during the event. Belgian Christians and U.S. volunteers told all-night concert goers that God loves them while they handed them free coffee and hot chocolate early each morning. They also offered Scripture and information cards that pointed to local churches where they can hear detailed explanations of the gospel. Additionally, a local church hosted a pancake outreach that was a safe place for spiritual conversations.

Most people in Belgium are not aware of God and have never met a Christ-follower.

Ask God to continue to build on the work that was started in July. Ask God to provide more believers willing to serve Him and serve others in July 2020. Pray those who asked deep life questions would find rest and peace in the truth of the gospel. Pray Belgian Christians would confidently engage in spiritual conversations and share the gospel with their friends, family and coworkers.

All-night concert-goers chat during the Ghent Festivals in Belgium. Christians from around the world offered coffee, hot chocolate, and the love of Jesus to these early morning crowds. The Ghent Festivals is the largest street festival in Europe and attracts approximately two million visitors. (IMB Photo)