Art reflects God’s glory in Middle East

“Art is beautiful. We all live in it and consume and enjoy it. And we are it,” says a Christian worker in the Middle East. He uses art as a way to spread the gospel and to show others how we are all made in the likeness of a loving Creator.

The current period of isolation and lockdown has provided this worker time to focus on art, specifically music and poetry. He says that the Lord has even enabled him to compose a praise song in the local language.

“And what’s really cool to see is that I’m not the only one producing art in this lockdown. It’s happening all around me in this artistic community,” he says. “Folks are even collaborating online during this strict quarantine. It’s exciting to see.”

Painters are filling canvases and sketch pads. Sculptors are molding, welding and chiseling. Actors are memorizing and practicing. Writers are moving their dreams into reality as stories, articles, novels and plays flow from their minds onto paper or computer screens. New combinations of notes are forming beautiful music.

The prayer of artisans and craftsmen who know and believe in the Great Artist is that local artists will come to know Him too. Pray with the workers that they will glorify Him “through their craft and spread His message through their lives and art—at home, in their communities and cities, and on to the very ends of the earth.”

Join with this worker as he prays for further connections and deeper relationships with God and with others. His prayer is to continue to produce quality art that glorifies the Lord and draws others to want to know more about His kingdom.