Refugees find Jesus on Refugee Highway

Shams* and Layla* are from a war-torn country in the Middle East. Their search for real truth and peace began on the internet. They searched online for articles about Jesus.

The couple escaped from their country and traveled on what’s known as the “refugee highway” to start a new life with their young family. During their journey, Shams and Layla continued searching for Jesus and what it means to be Christian. They eventually connected with an online Arabic ministry that had a call center in the Middle East. Through this ministry, they were able to talk with a counselor. Shams and Layla had numerous conversations with the counselor, and they asked many questions about the Bible, Jesus and the Trinity.

Syrian boys play as dust blows in front of the refugee camp during the summer. Though they fled from Syria to survive, they are still living with many enemies, such as the harsh cold winter, hot summer and unforgivingly blowing dust of the desert.

When they arrived in Europe, they were connected with Hassan*, a leader in an Arabic house church. Hassan met with the couple and shared the gospel, starting with the creation story and continuing on to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Shams and Layla were ready to hear the good news and that very day professed their faith in Jesus. They immediately started sharing the gospel with their family and friends and saw many people respond in faith. Shams and Layla studied the Word faithfully and were given leadership positions in the church.

After serving in that church for two years, they felt called to start a new work in another country in Europe. The church supported them and prayed for them as they embarked on their new adventure.

COVID-19 has not deterred Shams and Layla from sharing and teaching the Bible in person or using the Internet to do so. In their new country, they have started a Bible study group in their housing complex and have arranged for several baptisms to take place after their quarantine lockdown ends.

Pray for Shams and Layla and their children. Ask that the Lord will keep them safe and focused on the vision He gave them to reach their people in their adopted country. Pray that they may eventually return to their home country to shine the light of Christ

*Names changed for security