New LMCO Videos to Share

IMB wants to thank Southern Baptists for the ways they are already sacrificially giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® for International Missions. Every dollar you give goes directly to support missionaries on the field and we are grateful. We are also confident that together we will reach the $175 million goal and that our Lord will receive the glory He is due.

In addition to the LMCO resources that you’ve already seen, we want you to have access to these new short videos, perfect for sharing in emails, on social media, and in church groups. As these stories are shared, we believe that hearts will be turned toward those who have not heard about the newborn King and His redemption plan.

Each video can be downloaded to share or the Vimeo link can be added to your or your church’s ongoing communication throughout the season. Let’s work together toward the Revelation 7:9 vision!


Access these eight new videos based on this year’s LMCO and Week of Prayer stories here:

A Fresh Start
Young Kenyan boys once living on the streets now celebrate their new beginning at Naivasha Children’s Shelter. IMB missionaries and their national partners seek to show Christ’s love by sharing the gospel and giving each boy the hope of a future and purpose in life.

Patrick’s Story
Patrick, a boy from Kenya, shares how his life has changed since coming to Naivasha’s Children’s Shelter. Through the rehabilitation program, he has left his life on the streets and is learning to excel in school and contribute to his family and community.

Ratio in Zagreb
IMB missionary Eric Maroney in Croatia uses a radio program as an avenue to share the gospel. As the good news is broadcast and heard, the first fruits are beginning to show in Croatia.

Medical Missions
Short-term healthcare workers experience God’s transformational power in Thailand through mobile medical clinics. IMB missionary Dr. Doug Derbyshire uses clinics across Thailand as a means to share the gospel, helping people with their physical and spiritual needs. Over half a million Thai people have heard the gospel in their language through this medical ministry.

Never Heard Before
A man in Thailand hears the name of Jesus for the first time after coming to a mobile medical clinic. “He had never heard the story before, didn’t know who Jesus was,.. but the more I explained the more interested he became,” said IMB missionary doctor Doug Derbyshire. By hosting mobile medical clinics, IMB missionaries, national partners and healthcare volunteers from the U.S. can share about the healing that Christ brings.

Open Arms in Ratchasan
IMB missionary in Thailand, Dr. Doug Derbyshire, has been praying to start a church in this rural village for 10 years. After hosting a mobile medical clinic, he and his partners saw several people pray to receive Christ in an area that had previously been resistant to the gospel.

The Hidden People
In the Amazon basin IMB missionaries and national partners work to get the gospel to indigenous people. God has been working to send missionaries to these small, hidden people groups. “You could be born, live and die and without ever hearing the gospel, and so someone has to go.”

The Bigger Picture
An IMB missionary in South Asia labors to share the truth of the gospel with unreached people in a difficult place. Getting the gospel to the ends of the earth wouldn’t be possible without Southern Baptists giving sacrificially to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.


Your sacrificial gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering continue to support more than 3,500 missionaries on the field and their families. You also make it possible for new missionaries to be sent each year as we continue the missionary task in obedience to Christ.