IMB staff, missionaries thank YOU for support, generosity

Thank you! 

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your generosity and support. So, we set aside this week to celebrate you — our partners, givers and supporters — and show our gratitude for addressing the world’s greatest problem, spiritual lostness. 

Week of Gratitude at the International Mission Board began by simply saying, "Thank You," to churches and individuals who make sharing the gospel with a lost world possible. IMB Photo

In an organization as large, diverse and widespread as the International Mission Board is, it can be hard for you to hear from all of us. We have a lot of moving parts. Thus, IMB personnel, whether missionary or staff, wrote notes, posted to social media and voiced some things they are most grateful for. 

“Generous churches provide for our staff through the Cooperative Program. Our overseas team members are supported by those same generous churches and individuals through the Lottie Offering and CP [Cooperative Program],” Paul Chitwood, IMB president says, explaining how he’s grateful for Southern Baptist churches. “Might our gratitude extend to each of them not just this week but pervade all 52 weeks of the year.” 

Staff at the home office write “Thank You” cards to express their gratitude to churches and individuals. Missionaries and staff are spending a Week of Gratitude by letting our partners know what a difference they make. IMB Photo

Sherry Alston doesn’t even know where to begin in thanking Southern Baptists for her job. She claims to work in the happiest place on earth, filled with the giggles and smiles from our missionary kids. As part of missionary training, her department helps prepare children as they transition to a new culture and language. 

“Your partnership is critical for us to reach those who are lost,” she says. “Thank you for your fervent prayers and financial contributions that support the vision of having every nation represented in ‘the throne room of God’ [Rev. 7:9].” 

Luke and Diane In, missionaries serving in Europe, travel the world telling stories about what God is doing among His people. They are amazed how, through your sacrificial giving, God utilizes their different skills and passions to be part of His kingdom work. Luke is a photographer, while Diane is a prayer warrior with a heart for human trafficking awareness. To them, it never gets old seeing someone’s face as they hear the gospel for the first (or even 300th) time. Being a part of and experiencing this awakening to God is what they are most grateful for. Your generosity allows them to be present among the spiritually lost.

We couldn’t do what we do without you! Thank you, Southern Baptists, for your generosity. IMB Photo

We thank God for all the ways you partner with us. It’s never just one set thing, as shown by Angela Sanford’s greatest joy at the IMB. She says creating and producing the Sending Celebrations where we present new missionaries to Southern Baptists tops her week of gratitude list. She often partners with churches throughout the United States to host these events and feels your graciousness and love firsthand. 

“It’s a joy to celebrate with you the call God has placed on the missionaries’ lives and encourage more people to join the work of solving the world’s greatest problem — lostness,” Sanford says, thanking churches and Southern Baptists for their support. 

Our work is not possible without you. We love fulfilling the Great Commission with you. Together, we take the gospel to every nation, all tribes, peoples and languages.  

Thank you! 


Some names may be changed due to security.