Is your church ready to partner with a missionary team to impact lostness?

Go Experience is a gateway opportunity for Southern Baptist churches to serve on short-term trips with IMB teams. In this packaged trip format, IMB facilitates the field connection, pre-trip training, ground expenses and logistics, and travel arrangements.

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Be a part of God’s mission

Churches need personal relationships with missionary teams and a growing understanding of what it takes to accomplish the missionary task in a particular context. Missionaries need church partners who can pray effectively, help to evangelize and disciple an unreached people group, and serve as advocates to get others involved in the mission. GO Experience brings these two together.

GO Experience Distinctives

Connection with IMB missionaries. Trips are hosted by IMB missionary teams.

A gateway opportunity. Trips provide churches with an initial experience of learning and serving with a particular cultural setting and its people groups.

Gospel focused. Trips engage participants in gospel sharing and church planting efforts in culturally relevant ways.

Field-driven strategy. Trips are designed to fit into the strategies set by our long-term missionary teams.

Well-prepared participants. Pre-trip training is included as well as learning experiences on the field.

Long-term engagement. Churches are encouraged to build quality relationships with their missionary hosts and become a valuable part of their strategy.

Upcoming Trips

Take a look at available trips for your church group. Click on any to begin the registration process. If you would like to contact us about future trips not yet listed or other possibilities, email

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We’re here to serve you.

Ready to learn more?

We’re here to serve you.

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Who can come?

GO Experience is designed for church groups but not an individual coming alone. The desire is for participants to help the church consider further engagement with the missionary team or affinity.

How many can we bring?

Group sizes typically range from 4 to 12 participants per trip. Some trips will have capacity for larger groups.

What are the costs involved?

The cost for a trip is a combination of ground expenses and airfare. Groups pay for their ground expenses through the IMB Go Method registration. A deposit of $100 per participant is required to reserve a trip. Airfare, emergency insurance, and country entry fees are handled separately through an assigned travel agent.

Can several churches come together?

Yes. Some of the trips are open to multiple churches, such as sponsored by an association or state convention are welcomed.

Can individuals come alone?

No. We prefer participants to come with a church group. We suggest at least four persons to represent each church to maximize the possibility for further engagement with the affinity. Note: With multi-church trips, this number can be flexible. For mission trips for individuals, see Trips.

Is GO Experience for student/youth groups?

No. Students can participate as part of the church group, but this is intended to be a stepping-stone for church-wide engagement. For packaged trips for youth groups, see GO Impact.