Missionary explorers are 2-year, fully funded team members willing to do whatever it takes to reach every nation – no matter the cost. 

What is a Missionary Explorer?

You will make a great missionary explorer candidate if you are:

  • Able and willing to commit two years to this assignment
  • Willing to go to the edges of lostness
  • In good physical health (or you’re willing to be!)
  • Willing to live out of a backpack for weeks at a time and sleep in unknown conditions
  • Able and willing to eat all kinds of foods
  • Growing in your relationship with the Lord
  • Able to work without close supervision
  • Part of an SBC church

No minimum education or prior experience required! A missionary explorer must:

  • Have a passion for sharing the gospel with the lost, particularly in extreme places
  • Be able to work on a team with people from other cultures who may not speak English
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What Does a Missionary Explorer Do?

As a missionary explorer you will:

  • Research and find your assigned people groups.
  • Identify with Christ and seek to share the gospel using whatever language or gospel resource is appropriate.
  • Pray daily for your assigned people groups.
  • Work on a culturally diverse team of local and global partners.
  • Document your findings; research should include but is not limited to data such as: location where they live, access challenges and opportunities, languages spoken, worldview, degrees of literacy and educational opportunities, access to written or other forms of Scripture.
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Day in the life of a missionary explorer

“I’m hiking very deep into a jungle region, a place apparently no foreigner has gone before. By the grace of God, I found a very small rough “hotel” which is basically just someone’s house I am sleeping in and paying them for it. I am in a village of about 200 people where there is no church, no Christians, and they are very closed to hearing or learning about the gospel. The closest town is two hours by driving, or roughly four or more hours by a walking trail. We will begin sharing all day tomorrow. I have also found some families of one of the unengaged, unreached people group(s) I traveled here to find and spoke with locals and gathered information on where they may be. I will walk that direction and try to find them two days from now. We are going to sleep now on sheets of plywood. Goodnight from here.”

— M.E.
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