Missionary activity in the New Testament models an emphasis on teams for a number of reasons, from practical to pastoral to evangelistic. Therefore, IMB missionaries are organized into teams, as well, and those teams are made up of people with different roles and responsibilities related to the particular missionary objectives of the teams. The service terms for team roles range from two months to three years, but many may be extended as ongoing roles. Funding may be fully or partially provided by the IMB or the individuals who fill them. Learn more about IMB team roles below.

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Church Planter

Church planting roles are full-time, fully-funded, field-based roles that form the core of the IMB missionary presence around the world. Since these roles carry leadership responsibilities for the team, certain qualifications and theological training requirements apply.

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We also offer our Journeyman initiative for young adults ages 21-26

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Support Roles are full-time, fully-funded, field-based professional roles focused on the administration, operations, communications, and technology needs of IMB around the world. They support the direct, stated strategies of church-planting missionary teams. As full-time IMB personnel, certain qualifications and training apply.

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Professional roles leverage the job skills and experience of Christian men and women for entry into new cultures for the sake of the gospel. Those who fill these roles are meaningfully engaged in the missionary team’s strategy, but because of their jobs, do not require full IMB funding.

Likewise, extensive missionary training is not required, as they do not fill lead church planting roles on missionary teams.

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Student roles are field-based church planting roles that leverage educational opportunities for missions. Students are meaningfully engaged in the missionary team strategy, but they do not require extensive missionary training or full funding.

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Retiree roles leverage the retirement years of men and women eager to join in God’s global mission among unreached peoples and places. These roles are field-based church planting roles that do not require full funding or extensive training, but engage retirees in the missionary team strategy.

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