What do I do if my parents don’t want me to go?

If you are facing some pushback about your decision to go, take a step back and ask why. Are their concerns valid? It is tempting to cast our parents’ questions in a negative light without considering the motivations behind their concerns.

  • Parents may need you to share more information. You have likely spent days and weeks considering an opportunity and your decision to go, but your parents only get minutes to agree. Your application (as an adult) with us is confidential; it is your responsibility to help them learn the details.
  • Parents may need reassurance that you are maturing. A recent past of careless spending, speeding, and skipping classes can make it difficult for you to convince your parents that you are ready to travel across the world and make a difference. What needs to change in your life?
  • Parents may need some grace and empathy. Perhaps they simply are grieving your departure. Pray for your parents. Bring their concerns, fears, and hopes before the Lord and ask Him to give you and your parents a unified vision for His kingdom.
  • Parents may worry that you will short-circuit your education. College is expensive, and also essential in many careers, but a degree should not take God’s place in your life. Are you hearing God’s call to make disciples of the nations? God’s plans will likely lead you through an education, but not at the expense of putting obedience on hold. Parents may need you to invite them into this vision and discover that it is more than a whim or sidetrack.

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